Services Overview

Services Overview

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In today's environment of budget gaps, service and staff cuts, utilities are seeking innovative technologies and methodologies to assist them operate more efficiently while still meeting their primary service level goals.  Buried linear infrastructure assets, often viewed as the most complex to evaluate and repair, are a major source of customer complaints and have the potential to require significant investment.  

Wachs Water Services provides data wastewater services and tools to make the best use of time and money for developing comprehensive inventories and operational, structural and hydraulic condition assessment of underground infrastructure.  Wachs Water Services delivers innovative and affordable infrastructure diagnostic services to help clients prioritize long-term wastewater and storm water maintenance and capital investments for improved performance.

Wachs Water Services delivers immediate system efficiencies and offers budget-strapped utilities unmatched "bang-for-the-buck" value. Enhanced speed, accuracy, and system control helps manage and revitalize aging wastewater infrastructure, and ensures every investment dollar is applied to the right assets, at the right places, and at the right times.

GIS Field Validation

Inflow/Infiltration Mitigation

Blockage Detection

Field Inventory

Condition Assessment


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Water Distribution Systems Solutions

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Wachs Water Services is the leading provider of water distribution system asset management solutions that significantly improve efficiency and network control. Our specialized approach combines condition assessment and rehabilitation services for valves, hydrants and water mains with the capture and integration of critical water asset GIS information. We provide the expertise, equipment and personnel to locate, assess, operate and document virtually any water asset.