Field Inventory

Field Inventory

Wachs Water Services provides field services to update wastewater system GIS.

More and more utilities are developing GIS mapping of their buried infrastructure systems.  Developing an accurate GIS mapping system is an integral part of the utility’s operation.  But how are these GIS mapping systems being created?  Commonly the use of as-builts and/or record drawings are used to populate the GIS mapping (Fiction) and then there are GIS mapping systems that are created with real-time data and information regarding the buried infrastructure (Fact).

From the creation of the utility’s as-builts and record drawings, usually there are numerous changes to the infrastructure that is not reflected in the as-builts or record drawings.  If a utility is planning on creating a GIS mapping system, they should build it with as many FACTS as possible to make the GIS mapping a viable tool.  Some of the information and data that should be collected and populated into the GIS database are: 

Ø  GPS coordinates so that the nodes (manholes, hydrants, etc.) are properly shown on the mapping.  Accurate GPS coordinates are also used for creating flow models.

Ø  Actual size, dimensions, and materials of the attributes of the buried infrastructure.

Ø  Verification of any additions or deletions to infrastructure system so that the GIS database and mapping is complete.

Ø  Service and structural condition of the buried infrastructure.

Having this information readily available in the GIS database and mapping system allows a utility to enhance their operation and maintenance program, plan for their future Capital Improvement Programs, and support short and long term planning. 

Is obtaining this information time consuming and expensive?  The answer in NO.  Wachs Water Services can assist to gather and populate this FACT information quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. 

So what does your utility want:  FACT OR FICTION? 

Wachs Water Services has the applicable technologies to perform a field inventory of wastewater systems.  Some of the services offered include:

  • GPS Survey
  • Smoke Testing
  • Dye Testing of Interconnections
  • Manhole Measurement and Video Inspection
  • Pipeline Measurement and Inspection

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