Construction / Contractors

Construction / Contractors

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As municipalities and water authorities address the need for new pipelines an all too frequent problem arises: failed hydrostatic pressure test. In the past the only way to address the problem was to dewater the line, have the incumbent contractor re-inspect every joint and try to pass the test again. Unfortunately many times this does not resolve the issue and the pipeline owner is frustrated, the contractor can not find the leak and often is out of pocket a lot of money. Contact Wachs Water Services to see how we can help: 855-250-9110.


Valve Management
Rehabilitation and repair
Valve locating

Pipeline Management
CCTV for pressurized mains
Leak detection
Failed hydrostatic pressure testing Pipeline Locating and mapping

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CCTV for pressurized mains

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Wachs Water Services is the leading provider of water distribution system asset management solutions that significantly improve efficiency and network control. Our specialized approach combines condition assessment and rehabilitation services for valves, hydrants and water mains with the capture and integration of critical water asset GIS information. We provide the expertise, equipment and personnel to locate, assess, operate and document virtually any water asset.