Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Get on the fastrack2renewal™ with our results-driven approach.

Wachs Water Services is the leading provider of water distribution system and control solutions that help prepare utilities and government agencies for significant events such as natural disasters, large public gatherings, terrorism acts and water main breaks. Our approach emphasizes understanding the location, condition and operability of water system control points to be able to respond quickly and effectively to any situation which may arise.


Valve Management
Condition assessment
Rehabilitation and repair
Valve locating

Pipeline Management
CCTV for pressurized mains
Leak detection

Hydrant Management
Hydrant maintenance
Hydrant flushing

Information Services
Field data capture
Data integration
GIS improvement
Maintenance prioritization
GIS application development

Feature Technologies

CCTV for pressurized mains


Water quality
Asset reliability

Water quality
Water main breaks

Utility Efficiency
Operation intelligence

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Wachs Water Services

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Water Distribution Systems Solutions

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Wachs Water Services is the leading provider of water distribution system asset management solutions that significantly improve efficiency and network control. Our specialized approach combines condition assessment and rehabilitation services for valves, hydrants and water mains with the capture and integration of critical water asset GIS information. We provide the expertise, equipment and personnel to locate, assess, operate and document virtually any water asset.