Water Utilities

Water Utilities

Get on the fastrack2renewal™ with our results-driven approach.

Wachs Water Services is the leading provider of water distribution system solutions that dramatically improve the efficiency and operability of water networks. Our crews work throughout North America on water distribution system projects both large and small, and we are capable of mobilizing efficiently and in-force almost anywhere.


Valve Management
Condition assessment
Rehabilitation and repair
Valve locating

Pipeline Management
Condition assessment
CCTV for pressurized mains
Leak detection
Failed hydrostatic pressure testing
Pressure transient monitoring
Pipeline locating and mapping

Hydrant Management
Hydrant maintenance
Hydrant flushing

Information Services
Field data capture
Data integration
GIS improvement
Maintenance prioritization
GIS application development

Feature Technologies

CCTV for pressurized mains


Water quality
Water loss
Asset reliability

Water quality
Surfacing water complaints
Water main breaks

Asset Management
Condition assessment

Utility Efficiency
Operation intelligence
Staffing and Knowledge Retention

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