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Control Room – March 2018

Q:  We are considering starting a large valve assessment program but are concerned with valves breaking.  How can we avoid this from happening? The largest contributing factor to Valves occasionally…

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What Does Water System Control Look Like?

  A comprehensive control usability program does more than put you in control of your valves. It puts you in control of your system, reduces the consequences of failures, thereby…

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Improve Efficiency, Conservation and Water Quality with a Unidirectional Flushing Program

Unidirectional Water Main Flushing (UDF) is gaining popularity across North America to improve operations, enhance the water system and improve service standards. Water main flushing has long been considered an…

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How Leak Detection Develops into Asset Management

If all you are receiving from your leak-detection program is the location and perhaps quantification of leaks, then you are leaving a significant opportunity untapped. The mobilization of field staff…

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Control Room – February 2018

Q:  My utility has an existing asset management program. Can Wachs Water Services help us to achieve our existing program objectives? Wachs Water Services helps utilities achieve their asset management…

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A Valve Maintenance Pilot Program Can Quickly Provide Valuable Information About Distribution System Deficiencies

Simply put, a pilot is a trial run, a small-scale version of your larger project. A program pilot is an important step that can help you catch potential problems and…

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Establish System Control and Reliability

The operability of critical valves is essential to control a water system and ensure system reliability. Critical valves control vital water transmission lines – the backbone of any water system.…

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Accurate GIS is a Must-Have for Finding Valves Buried in Snow

When the ground is covered with a layer of snow, finding valves can take an exorbitant amount of time. Add to that the sense of urgency that comes along with…

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