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Collaborative Solutions for Optimal Control

Do you sometimes find your utility is drinking from the fire hose? Long on challenges: System Sustainability goals Multiplying Task orders Regulatory Compliance Ensuring Water Quality  Short on resources:  Personnel…

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Advance Water Quality with Unidirectional Flushing

The distribution system plays a critical role in delivering safe water.  Waterborne disease outbreaks are much more common than most people realize.  This is because our water resources are stressed. …

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Improve Operational Intelligence and Reduce Overall Risk

Valve assessment and inventory programs improve operational intelligence and reduce overall risk. With water distribution system infrastructures aging and becoming less reliable, utilities face increased risk regarding the service operability…

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Case Study: Large Valve Inspection & Repair in the Mid-Atlantic

A Utility in the Mid-Atlantic had recently installed a lengthy new section of 36” water main pipe. As you might imagine, this process took quite some time and was becoming…

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Unidirectional Flushing as a Cost-Effective Way of Improving Water Quality in the Distribution System

Heightened awareness of public health concerns has caused utilities to intensify their efforts to produce high-quality drinking water. However, their customers may not see the benefits of sophisticated and costly…

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Usable Field Information that Minimizes the Consequence of Failure

Valve condition assessment services involve collecting critical data while assessing the mechanical condition and operational reliability of water main valves. Valve assessment programs can also encompass other vital water distribution…

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Step-up Emergency Preparedness and Shutdown Efficiency

Wachs water main valve shutdown services in two different operational scenarios: Planned and Emergency: Planned shutdowns commonly involve a utility's capital improvements program. Working with the utility engineering department, Wachs…

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Operational Intelligence is the Best Line of Defense

Water main breaks can have devastating consequences for your communities' roadways, businesses and homes. Locating, accessing, and closing the pipeline valves feeding a broken water main takes much too long…

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