Water Loss Management

Each day, as much as 5.9 billion gallons of water is lost due to leaks and unbilled consumption in the United States alone


Reduce Water Loss with Confidence

With increasing water rates and draught conditions, it is important for utilities to take a proactive approach to reducing real water loss.

Leak detection services for water distribution networks helps utilities to confidently reduce water loss and ensure constant supply.


An Ongoing Leak Detection Program can have a Large Impact on Real Water Loss

Our approach to leak surveys is based on asset management principles and provides added value by integrating comprehensive data into our leak detection workflow.

Leak survey data is captured and available in real-time via a web project tracker and includes every listening point, location of confirmed leak, and approximate leak flow rate.

Our Water Loss Management Services
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Accurate Leak Location
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GIS Integration
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Project Tracker
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Wachs Water Services is an industry leader in comprehensive leak detection for water distribution systems.

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We also offer inline leak detection tools through our parent company Pure Technologies

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A Comprehensive Approach to Leak Detection

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