Leak Detection

Leak Detection


Highly trained Wachs Water Services field technicians have more than a decade of experience with multiple technologies and techniques for water main leak detection, and have inspected over 10,000 miles of small and large diameter water mains for leaks. From advanced in-line pipeline inspection technologies that combine acoustic and high quality video in a single pass, to specialized digital correlators, digital noise loggers, and ultra sensitive sonic listening devices, Wachs Water Services offers a wide array of leak detection solutions to help ensure the right tool for the right job.

 Benefits of proactive water main leak detection programs include:

  • Improved public health
  • Buried infrastructure protection
  • Reduced water treatment costs and increased revenue streams
  • Increased level of customer service - quantity, quality and pressure
  • Water leakage recovery is often the best and most economical source to meet increased demand, compared to building or expanding treatment facilities
  • Improved public perception of utility through proactive adoption of best practices
  • Fewer insurance and legal related claims

Some of Wachs Water Services water main leak detection technologies include:

  • FCS Lmic
  • Stethophon® 04
  • Radiodetection CAT3+
  • Sewerin Listening Device Aquaphon
  • Metrotech 830
  • Metrotech VM-810
  • Subsurface Leak Detection LD-12
  • Subsurface Leak Detection LC-2500
  • Sewerin Leak Correlator SeCorr-08
  • Metrolog HL 7000
  • HL6000X - PC Correlator
  • DigiCorr Correlating Loggers Flowmetrix
  • ZCorr

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