Water Main Valve Management

Water Main Valve Management

Wachs Water Services has seen an average initial water main valve operability of only 60% in more than 500,000 inspections nationwide - and that number is growing daily.

Pinpoint the precise location and verify the operational status of every valve in your water network. As many as 40% of water main valves installed in North American water distribution systems are operationally deficient or completely nonfunctional, and their exact location can be difficult to pinpoint due to outdated records and institutional knowledge loss.

Valve condition assessment services involve inspecting, operating, and assessing the mechanical condition and operational reliability of water main valves.  These inspection programs can also encompass other vital water distribution system assets including hydrants, meters, pipelines, and access points. Wachs Water Services provides a comprehensive condition assessment report detailing the operability of the asset including residual life, rehabilitation or repair assessments, and recommended options.

Wachs Water Services' valve condition assessment programs incorporate proven processes to identify and prioritize critical valves within a water distribution system.

Benefits of Valve Management Programs:

  • Exact location of water main valves are identified and accurately mapped
  • Water main valves operate as designed
  • Valves are accessible for utility crews
  • Enables faster water pipeline shut-down during water main breaks
  • Limit damage to buried infrastructure
  • Reduce  area / residents affected by water main break
  • Minimize treated water loss and environmental impact
  • Reduce insurance and legal claims
  • Better manage water main replacement and rehabilitation programs

Wachs Water Valve Management Services Include:

Wachs Water Services is Your Trusted Partner:

  • Over 200 utility projects successfully completed or in progress
  • Delivered largest infrastructure renewal projects in United States
  • Assessed over 500,000 valves
  • Proven track record on large valves up to 108 inches
  • Successfully operated water main valves installed in 1800s
  • Performed over 5,000 water main shutdowns
  • Proven utility support during major water main ruptures


Limiting Damage from Water Main Breaks
With inevitable regularity, water main breaks over the years several have devastated
streets, businesses, and homes in major cities across North America. In each case, utility crews responded almost instantly, deploying to the scene and attempting emergency procedures to shut down the broken water main. However, the severity of flooding and property damage in each case dramatically increased because the responding utility crews lost the battle against the most unforgiving enemy: time. Read more

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Wachs Water Services is the leading provider of water distribution system asset management solutions that significantly improve efficiency and network control. Our specialized approach combines condition assessment and rehabilitation services for valves, hydrants and water mains with the capture and integration of critical water asset GIS information. We provide the expertise, equipment and personnel to locate, assess, operate and document virtually any water asset.