Valve Condition Assessment

Valve Condition Assessment

Wachs Water Services has restored operability in nearly 90% of frozen valves, eliminating the need for costly replacement.

Valve condition assessment services involve inspecting, operating, and assessing the mechanical condition and operational reliability of water main valves.  These inspection programs can also encompass other vital water distribution system assets including hydrants, meters, pipelines, and access points. Wachs Water Services provides a comprehensive condition assessment report detailing the operability of the asset including residual life, rehabilitation or repair assessments, and recommended options.

Typical information captured:

  • Valve location - GPS coordinates, address and system ties
  • Size and type of valve
  • Position - opened or closed and number of turns
  • Depth of nut valve
  • Date of exercising
  • Maintenance required

Wachs Water Services' valve condition assessment programs incorporate proven processes to identify and prioritize critical valves within a water distribution system.