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The Benefits of Hydrant Condition Assessments

Properly maintaining and managing fire hydrants ensures they will operate correctly when they are needed–and safeguard precious lives and valuable property in emergencies. Based on Wachs Water Services’ inspections, as many as 14% of hydrants located in North American municipalities…

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Control Room – March 2018

Q:  We are considering starting a large valve assessment program but are concerned with valves breaking.  How can we avoid this from happening? The largest contributing factor to Valves occasionally failing is a lack of exercise or only operating them,…

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Control Room – February 2018

Q:  My utility has an existing asset management program. Can Wachs Water Services help us to achieve our existing program objectives? Wachs Water Services helps utilities achieve their asset management objectives by providing focused, field oriented, on-site, tangible asset management.…

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Establish System Control and Reliability

The operability of critical valves is essential to control a water system and ensure system reliability. Critical valves control vital water transmission lines – the backbone of any water system. Operable critical valves reduce the consequences when large diameter pipeline…

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Control Room – January 2018

Q:  How do I keep valves in my system from failing when we operate them? A:   The two most frequent causes of valve failure are: 1) you don’t know in which direction it closes. 2) you don’t know the correct…

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