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3 Essential Components of Total Information Control

Total information control involves three essential components:

1. Complete Information: Essential data must be obtained for every asset, including attributes like manufacturer/model, turn count, GPS location, and many more.

2. Accurate Information: Quite often attribute and/or mapping information does not match utility records, rendering it useless. Therefore, a key component of total information control involves checking for data discrepancies.

3. Available Information: Integrating the field data into a GIS and/or a work order management system allows all stakeholders to use the data.


  • Quickly resolve main breaks
  • Smarter capital planning
  • Increased crew efficiency
  • Prioritize maintenance and repairs


Our over 30 million collected data points highlight the trust that utilities across North America continually place in our services. For more information on how Wachs Water Services can help your utility optimize control of your water infrastructure, contact us at 800-525-5821.

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