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Control Room – December 2017

Cliff Water Online InterviewQ: What is the quickest way to realize a return on investment in water asset management?

A:  The quickest way to realize a return on investment in asset management is to inventory your water distribution system and assess the information and physical condition of your valves and hydrants.  Information gathered during the initial two steps of an asset management program leads to real cost savings.

For example:  When a main break occurs, if a valve cannot be found or operated then you back up to the next valve, and so on until you are able to isolate the water flow.  With improved information – knowing which valves work and which don’t – the main break isolation can be accomplished in far less time by going to and operating the valves that are known to be usable which significantly reduces the cost/consequences of failure by minimizing the time required to obtain the shut.

Invest in an inventory and condition assessment to improve your utility’s response time by harnessing the power of information and having it readily available to your staff.






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