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A Valve Maintenance Pilot Program Can Quickly Provide Valuable Information About Distribution System Deficiencies

file-20160817165121Simply put, a pilot is a trial run, a small-scale version of your larger project. A program pilot is an important step that can help you catch potential problems and prevent them from escalating as well as accomplish several goals before full implementation occurs. Let’s explore the advantages of pilot testing:

  • A pilot test will help confirm if you are ready for full-scale implementation. A pilot test can serve as a trial run for your program and can help determine if any adjustments to your implementation plan or adaptations to the program are necessary. It can also reveal unforeseen challenges that might arise during and ensures that your staff are well prepared to handle issues that come up during the full-scale implementation.
  • Pilot testing can help you make better decisions about how to allocate time and resources. Pilot testing your program can help you determine if you need to spend more time or resources on particular aspects of the program.
  • Pilot testing can help ensure that you are well prepared to measure the success of your program. A pilot test can highlight any adjustments to your evaluation plan that might be necessary to ensure that you are measuring the desired outcomes in the best way possible.

Wachs Water Services will customize a pilot program that will address any of your priorities with your aging water distribution system. We have programs designed to fit every size utility and budget.

For more information about creating a custom pilot program for your utility and the community which you serve, contact us at 800-525-5821 to be connected to a service area professional today!

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