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About us

Advancing System Reliability

We collaborate with utilities to deliver solutions that optimize control and reduce the liability of aging underground water infrastructure.
Our specialized approach combines engineered planning, condition assessment, rehabilitation and detailed, accurate GIS information delivered into the utility’s business systems.

We are committed to doing what is necessary to help utilities manage the ever-increasing challenges of delivering safe water. Our solutions save money, improve water quality and enhance service to their customers

Wachs Water Services Has:

1,132,000+ Valves assessed

10,300+ Butterfly Valves operated

285,000+ Hydrants assessed

17,000+ Miles of pipeline surveyed

6,500+ Leaks found

30,000,000+ Points of data collected

Wachs Water Services originated from the Wachs Companies, which has been in the water industry since 1883. Wachs Water Sevices was officially incorporated in 2000 and is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL.

In 2015 Wachs Water Services joined the Pure Technologies team, and together have over 20 years of experience on water distribution and transmission systems.

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