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Achieve Target Water Utility Performance with Defined Level of Service Goals

Level of Service Goals as it Relates to Asset Management (003)Level of service goals enable your utility to measure its progress toward a long-term objective of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. You can use level of service goals to establish performance standards and develop improvement programs for individual employees, departments and the whole utility. Goals should focus employees’ attention on all the actions and processes that influence customers’ perceptions of your utility, directly and indirectly.

We all know that the water infrastructure in this country is aging and failing at an alarming rate and the reality is we don’t know where everything is! It’s important to remember not only the large assets that we see above ground, but also all the assets that are located underground. It’s vital to take note of underground assets as they are essential to protecting public health as well as optimizing control of the water system.

Level of Service Goals define what your customers and employees can expect:

External goals are those that directly impact the customers

Internal goals are those that are related to operations and that would not be easily understood by customers.

Customers desire roughly the same types of things from their utility:

  • Water that is safe and reliable
  • Delivered at an adequate pressure
  • Their concerns are addressed

Level of Service Goals will typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Public Health and Safety
  • Customer Service
  • System Maintenance
  • Response Time
  • Water Loss Control
  • Drought and/or Demand Management
  • System Management

Wachs Water Services is dedicated to helping utilities optimize control of their aging water distribution infrastructures, which reduces the consequences of failure and improves water quality.  Contact us today to get started with an asset management plan that fits your needs and helps meet your level of service goals. 800-525-5821 |


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