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Advance Water Quality with Unidirectional Flushing

The distribution system plays a critical role in delivering safe water.  Waterborne disease outbreaks are much more common than most people realize.  This is because our water resources are stressed.  Our water infrastructure is fraying.  Pipes are old and treatment facilities are outdated.

Flushing is one of the most powerful tools available to water suppliers to effectively control water quality within the distribution systems.  Unidirectional flushing (UDF) is a refinement designed to bring water through the system in a controlled fashion at velocities sufficient to provide a scouring action within the pipeline.  UDF is being utilized by a growing number of utilities as a cost-effective way of improving and preserving water quality in the distribution system.

BEFORE AND AFTER UDF:  before and after udf


• Remove bacteria, sediments, deposits, biofilm, manganese, tuberculation, and other unwanted buildup
• Increase the diameter of the line and restore flows and pressures within the system
• Remove potential hazards in the system
• Restore proper color, taste, and smell
• Reduce customer complaints
• Identify where pipe should be replaced in the system, due to significant tuberculation
• Improve public safety as it relates to fire flow
• Reduce potential health risks
• Decrease pumping costs
• Improve hydraulic capacity
• Reduced chlorine degradation rate

Contact us to explore how UDF fits into your overall efforts to control distribution system water quality. 800-525-5821.

Download our Article:   “Unidirectional Flushing – An Asset Management Program with Long Term Benefits”

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