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Andrew HQ:  What are some benefits of collecting asset information from the field in real-time?

A:  Real-time asset assessment collection allows for many benefits to both Wachs Water Services and our customers. Some of these include:

  • The ability to spot sub-optimal data collection before it’s too late. We ask a lot of our field crews and if they are inadvertently collecting information incorrectly we can see that instantly and intervene. This provides cost savings and ensures good quality data.
  • Data security is a top priority for Wachs Water Services. All the web-services used to transmit information from the field are secured. Furthermore, other field data collection solutions require data to sit on a device and for a cable to be plugged in to sync it back. If that device fails or gets damaged, so does all the data on it. Leveraging safe and secure web-services allows for our data to be backed up instantly after collection.
  • Safety and security is paramount. Using real-time connected smart devices means that we can always know where are crews are and that they’re safe. In the case of an emergency we can track both trucks and people.
  • We can share information with a customer as soon as it’s passed QA/QC. Information on where crews are and what they’ve accomplished that day is in industry standard formats. This means we can create and feed real-time dashboards for ourselves or customers or help a customers GIS dept to make one of their own.

Wachs Water Services helps utilities rapidly, accurately and comprehensively collect assessment data on the points of control within their Water distribution system.  Contact us today to speak with a large valve expert to see how we can help you advance system reliability.  800-525-5821;




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