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Q:  How often should large and critical valves be exercised?

LaDanta in Vault

A:  Some manufacturers recommend six months while others recommend annually.  The AWWA’s M44 Manual, Distribution Valves:  Selection, Installation, Field Testing and Maintenance, Third Edition, recommends that valves deemed critical are inspected and exercised on an annual basis, and other less critical valves in the system should be inspected and exercised based on the level of service established by the agency.

Experiencing any of these problems?

  • Concerned with failure associated with operating large valves
  • Spending more and more on valve replacements
  • Obsolete parts needed to repair old, large valves
  • No preventative approach on large & critical valves
  • Increased customer complaints

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  • Help you catch up
  • Help you keep up
  • Help optimize control

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