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Q:  Can you explain the importance of correct valve position?position correction

A:  Correct valve position is so important it should be placed in the critical category.  If the water system design calls for a valve to be “normally open” that is closed it can cause two problems. The first is water quality, as a valve improperly closed will create two dead ends. If left closed it can become a serious health issue with the degradation of water quality in the area falling well below EPA standards.

The second issue of a normally open valve being closed is the cost of increased power needed to get water rerouted. When a valve is designed to be in the closed position it is usually a zone or boundary designation. This protects pipes from being over pressurized causing not only main breaks but in one case started a large utility to add additional capacity to a pump station. Fortunately, during a valve assessment program, a large diameter pressure boundary valve was found to be open. Once closed the hydraulic model returned to the “as designed” condition.

For more information about how Wachs Water Services can help you correct the position of valves in your water system, contact us today. 


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