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Q:  What are some additional benefits – other than dramatic cost savings – of rehabilitating large valves rather than replacing them?

A:  In addition to cost savings (repair is a fraction of replacement cost) there are many other benefits to rehabilitating the large and critical valves in water transmission systems.  Here are just a few:

  • Reliable operability assures critical customers are protected (hospitals, dialysis centers, day care centers, universities, and large areas that do not have a redundant water supply)
  • Rehabilitation requires minimal disruptions to service as opposed to replacement
  • Rehabilitation advances control of the transmission system
  • Rehabilitating large valves increases reliability
  • Rehabilitation improves the image of conservation and cost-effective resiliency

Wachs Water Services helps utilities jump start large valve assessment programs.  Contact us today to speak with a large valve expert to see how we can help you advance system reliability.  800-525-5821;

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