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Boost Water Distribution System Efficiency by Knowing the Valves in your System

Knowing the exact location and operability of each valve in your system will ensure your utility is performing at maximum efficiency and is prepared for emergencies.

To locate valves, Wachs Water Services uses advanced geospatial positioning tools and GIS software are to assist valve location mapping, maintenance, and management. Field crews precisely locate valve positions using Trimble handheld GPS units, inspect, cycle, and operationally test valves, capture the valve data, and upload the digital information to a GIS database/CMMS work order system.

To ensure data accuracy, information management analysts perform post-processing of all field data collected, and deliver reports in ESRI-compliant databases, or formats compatible with any other GIS or CMMS software platform.

Benefits of knowing the exact location and condition of your valves:

  • Accurate picture of existing distribution system assets
  • Valves operate as designed
  • Valves are accessible for utility crews
  • Enables faster shutdown during a water main break
  • limits damage to buried infrastructure
  • Reduces area/residents affected by main break
  • Minimizes waer loss and environmental impact
  • Better management of replacement/rehabilitation programs

To learn more about how we help utilities eliminate the guesswork with precision data to advance the reliability of water distribution system assets, please contact our offices at 800-525-5821.

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