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Control Room – February 2018

Cliff Water Online InterviewQ:  My utility has an existing asset management program. Can Wachs Water Services help us to achieve our existing program objectives?

Wachs Water Services helps utilities achieve their asset management objectives by providing focused, field oriented, on-site, tangible asset management. Engineering firms and utilities are doing a great job in creating “desktop asset management” plans. Desktop plans are plans and priorities built from data that is available “on the desktop” about the system assets. Data such as pipe age, break history, corrosivity of soils, valve placement, hydrant placement, asset age, etc. Wachs Water Services helps utilities achieve their objectives through two main contributions: (1) mobilizing to the field to validate and provide feedback on the desktop study results (through on-site condition assessment and system testing) so that the desktop study analysis and priorities can be further refined and (2) mobilizing to the field to enhance and validate the desktop data on existing assets through on-site, inventory, condition assessment, rehabilitation and detailed data capture. This contribution enhances the existing desktop “as-designed” data and creates a valuable “as-is” dataset for more accurate and focused asset management.

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