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Control Room – March 2018

Q:  We are considering starting a large valve assessment program but are concerned with valves breaking.  How can we avoid this from happening?

Cliff Water Online InterviewThe largest contributing factor to Valves occasionally failing is a lack of exercise or only operating them, under emergency situations for a required shut when isolating a main break.  If the only time that the valve is operated is when you are in a hurry and responding to some type of emergency, the chances of valve failure increase dramatically.  Wachs Water Services has a large valve database consisting of nearly 20,000 assets.  Of these, 52 (or 2-1/2 tenths of 1%) have failed during operation.

How do you avoid valve failures?  A proactive valve management program, combined with experienced people working to established procedures with the right equipment – and a lot of patience, will minimize  the chance of valves failing.

For more information on how Wachs Water Services reduce the consequences of water main failure by systematically improving the reliability of the water network contact us at 800-515-5821;








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