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IN THE NEWS: Valve Exercising Program Making Significant Progress

Recently in Kansas City, MO, a 10-inch water line installed in 1886 burst near in the center of the city and damaged sections of roadway. Not to worry, KCMO kept the damage of this main break to a minimum by knowing both the location and operability valves in their system. They have had a focused valve assessment program in place since 2011. Although there was a short disruption to their streetcar service, KCMO crews were able swiftly perform a shut to isolate the water main without putting a single customer out of water by using the two closest and operable valves.

Wachs Water Services is proud to be a partner with KCMO as part of the City’s continuing commitment to improving their water infrastructure. To date, Wachs has located and assessed over 35,000 valves and KCMO has realized a 34% increase in their valve operability.

Check out this video posted by the Utility on April 12th that tells the story of the significant value of the City’s implementation of a Valve Assessment Program:


Partnering with Wachs Water Services for your Assessment is an efficient and effective way to get started with a Valve Program that is tailored to meet your Utility’s specific needs. Contact us at:

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