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Information in the Palm of your Hand

Whether it’s field crews reacting to a main break or an engineer planning capital improvements, we want each decision a utility makes to be that much smarter.



PROCESS: As part of an asset inventory program, condition assessment program, or a similar program, Wachs Water Services team gathers key information on each asset to ensure that the information is complete, accurate, and available.

INTEGRATION: After data collection, the Wachs Water Services team works with utility personnel to deliver the data. The integration needs of each utility vary. For some utilities, we can update their existing GIS, or their work order management system, or help them implement a GIS. For utilities preferring to view the information in a stand-alone platform, we offer ProjectTracker™. Whatever your integration needs, our experts here at Wachs Water Services stand ready and able to assist you.

SERVICES OFFERED: We offer numerous information services including ArcGIS Online implementation, asset inventory, asset management, data capture, data integration, data management, EAM integration, GIS adjustment, GIS spatial adjustment, GPS location, isolation traces, mapping discrepancy resolution, mobile GIS, unidirectional flushing plans and more.

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