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Leak Detection as a Foundation for Asset Management

leak detection

According to the EPA, U.S. water utilities lose between 6 and 7 billion gallons per day due to leaks — approximately 16 percent of potable water produced. Similarly, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that for most rural and urban systems, close to 20 percent of all the water they produce is lost to leaks. Regardless of which number is more accurate, it is too high. In truth, the amount of water lost to leaks varies widely and in some older systems, the actual loss may be much higher. What is important is identifying how much water a utility loses and how it can ultimately be prevented.

Benefits of Leak Detection and Repair – Minimizing leakage in water systems has many benefits for water customers (and their suppliers). These benefits include:

  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Lowered water system operational costs.
  • Reduced potential for contamination.
  • Extended life of facilities.
  • Reduced potential property damage and water system liability.
  • Reduced water outage events.
  • Improved public relations.

Some added benefits of leak detection and repair that are difficult to quantify include:

  • Increased knowledge about the distribution system, which can be used to respond more quickly to emergencies and set priorities for replacement or rehabilitation programs;
  • More efficient use of existing supplies and delayed capacity expansion;
  • Increased firefighting capability.

 Leak detection and repair programs can lead other important water system activities, such as: 

  • Inspecting hydrants and valves in a distribution system;
  • Updating distribution system maps;
  • Inspecting pipes, cleaning, lining, and other maintenance efforts to improve the distribution system and prevent leaks and ruptures from occurring. Systems might also consider methods for minimizing water used in routine water system maintenance.

So how do you develop a truly effective leak-detection program? How can you maximize the impact while controlling costs and yielding good data for an effective asset management plan? We’re here to help.  Wachs Water Services and our parent company, Pure Technologies have comprehensive leak detection solutions to fit your utility’s needs.  To learn more about our complete offering of leak detection services, download our whitepaper, A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO LEAK DETECTION

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