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Using Unidirectional Flushing Programs to Combat Tuberculation

The cleanliness of water pipes is an important, but often neglected part of proactive water utility management.  Tuberculation is the most graphic problem associated with pipe cleanliness.  It is an…

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Control Room – November 2017

Q:  What are the essential components of total information control? A:   Total information control involves three essential components. Complete Information: Essential data must be obtained for every asset, including attributes…

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Achieve Target Water Utility Performance with Defined Level of Service Goals

Level of service goals enable your utility to measure its progress toward a long-term objective of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. You can use level of service goals…

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Leak Detection as a Foundation for Asset Management

According to the EPA, U.S. water utilities lose between 6 and 7 billion gallons per day due to leaks -- approximately 16 percent of potable water produced. Similarly, the Congressional…

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Control Room – October 2017

Q:  How often should I exercise my critical valves? A:  The AWWA's Manual of Water Supply Practices M44 Third Edition recommends that valves deemed critical are inspected and exercised on…

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Collaborative Solutions for Optimal Control

Do you sometimes find your utility is drinking from the fire hose? Long on challenges: System Sustainability goals Multiplying Task orders Regulatory Compliance Ensuring Water Quality  Short on resources:  Personnel…

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Advance Water Quality with Unidirectional Flushing

The distribution system plays a critical role in delivering safe water.  Waterborne disease outbreaks are much more common than most people realize.  This is because our water resources are stressed. …

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Improve Operational Intelligence and Reduce Overall Risk

Valve assessment and inventory programs improve operational intelligence and reduce overall risk. With water distribution system infrastructures aging and becoming less reliable, utilities face increased risk regarding the service operability…

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