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Operability of Large Valves is Essential to Controlling a Water System

Large valves control water transmission lines – the backbone of any water system. Operable large valves provide control of critical assets and reduce the consequences of large diameter main breaks.

Large valves are typically located in vaults/chambers and exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Primarily due to this exposure, and potentially not having a routine operating and maintenance process, many large valves in water systems do not function as designed.

Large valves are expensive to replace. In addition to the substantial cost of the valve itself, the related costs are huge; such as, civil engineering, shutdown of the main, service disruption, traffic management, old valve removal, new valve insertion and safely bringing the system back on line.

Wachs Water Services has assessed, operated and rehabilitated over 10,000 large valves!

  • Wachs Water Services large valve assessment and rehabilitation services include:
  • Inspecting and documenting large valves
  • Cleaning gearing
  • Testing at low, medium, and high torque
  • Internal inspections
  • Valve raises
  • Packing seal replacements
  • Replacements (stock and custom sizes) for operating nuts, pinion shafts and gears, and bull gears
  • Valve body nut and bolt replacements
  • Gear box repairs, refit and replacement of worn or broken components
  • Replacement of shear pins for butterfly valves

For more information on how Wachs can rehabilitate at a fraction of the cost of replacement, please contact us to speak to a large valve repair expert. 800-525-5821;

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