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Operational Intelligence is the Best Line of Defense

Water main breaks can have devastating consequences for your communities’ roadways, businesses and homes. Locating, accessing, and closing the pipeline valves feeding a broken water main takes much too long in most cases, which dramatically increases the severity of flooding and property damage.

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Operational intelligence and accurate asset information is the best line of defense to minimize the cost of a pipeline failure. Understanding the operability of control points such as large valves is often the first step of a phased water network assessment program.

Valves represent system control, allowing the network to operate efficiently, while minimizing damage in the event of a pipeline rupture. Once valve operability has been increased, a phased pipeline inspection program can begin which can include leak detection and visual inspection (during live and shut down conditions).

Based on the information obtained about the condition of the pipeline, additional inspections and monitoring technologies can be applied if required. The final stage is to ensure that accurate data points have been captured and mapped into a CMMS/GIS system to ensure future system efficiencies. For more information on how to reduce the consequence of water distribution system failure, contact us at 800-525-5821.

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