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Step-up Emergency Preparedness and Shutdown Efficiency

Wachs water main valve shutdown services in two different operational scenarios: Planned and Emergency:

  • Planned shutdowns commonly involve a utility’s capital improvements program. Working with the utility engineering department, Wachs Water Services technicians carefully plan, prepare, and execute the shutdown to achieve maximum work efficiency and minimum disruption.
  • For pipeline and valve failures, Wachs Water Services mobilizes crews, deploys assets and personnel in cooperation with utility field crews, and effectively execute the shutdown of the affected pipeline to minimize flooding damage and restore service as quickly as possible.

shutdown services

Wachs Water Services bases shutdown procedures on proven GIS water distribution system analysis programs populated with accurate asset operability data. It’s critical to minimize potential risks associated with shutdowns including unintentionally shutting off water supply to services such as hospitals, government facilities, manufacturing facilities or large service areas.

Wachs Water Services have over 16 years of experience with planned and emergency shutdowns and has successfully completed over 5,000 water main shutdowns to date. To learn more about the benefits of our GIS shutdown approach and other services, CLICK HERE

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