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Hydrant Management

Verify the operational status of all the fire hydrants located in your water distribution system with hydrant assessment and maintenance programs from Wachs Water Services.

Guarantee Operability for When it Matters Most

Properly maintaining and managing fire hydrants ensures they will operate correctly when they are needed–and safeguard precious lives and valuable property in emergencies. Based on Wachs Water Services inspections, as many as 14% of hydrants located in North American municipalities are operationally deficient.

Benefits of Hydrant Management Programs

Verify the operational status all the fire hydrants located in your water distribution system with hydrant maintenance programs that inspect, repair, maintain, and manage fire hydrants.

Fire hydrant renewal services are the most cost-effective way to extend the operational life of fire hydrants in a water distribution system, which can save utilities millions of dollars in unnecessary replacement expenses.

Wachs Water Hydrant Management Services

Collect, organize and analyze the data of the hydrants in your system.

Ensure fire hydrant flow problems are regularly identified and corrected.

Correct mechanical and operational discrepancies.

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These resources help you understand why American municipal utilities trust Wachs Water Services for their hydrant management programs.

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