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Hydrant Condition Assessment

Condition assessment services collect, organize, and analyze the physical data, operational data, and discrepancy data of all fire hydrants in the water distribution system

Verify the operational status all the fire hydrants located in your distribution system

Wachs Water Services field crews provide a comprehensive condition assessment report detailing the status, operability, and estimated residual life of all fire hydrants in the water system, and work with our data analysts to help assign a level of criticality to each hydrant for determining future maintenance scheduling.

The Benefits of Hydrant Condition Assessments

Provides information on the current operating state of distribution system hydrants. Operational data includes number of turns, closing direction observed leakage, flow observation, specific operational deficiencies and other necessary operational information. Discrepancy information includes defects and operational issues for generating a work order description for repair, rehabilitation, or replacement as needed.

Drawing on the experience of assessing hundreds of thousands of water utility assets, Wachs Water Services technicians provide utilities with the vital information needed for planning and funding utility capital improvement projects. This helps utility maintenance departments utilize inspection and resulting data with GIS and CMMS to improve decision making.

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