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Hydrant Repair Services

Fire hydrant repair services focus on correcting mechanical and operational discrepancies revealed by hydrant condition assessment services that inspect, operate, and assess the mechanical condition of hydrants.

Why Replace What You Can Fix?

A new replacement hydrant can cost more than 20 times the expense of mechanically servicing a hydrant or replacing a defective component within the hydrant.

Comprehensive Hydrant Repair

Fire hydrant repair and rehabilitation services include upper and/or lower barrel repairs, seat valve, stem, top nut, and O-ring setscrew servicing or replacement, nozzle realignment, lubrication, and hydrant repainting, followed by mechanical testing, pressure testing, and flow testing to ensure the rehabilitated or repaired hydrant meets full industry standards and operational specifications.

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These resources help you understand why American municipal utilities trust Wachs Water Services for hydrant management services.

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