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The Importance of Implementing an Asset Inventory Program to Gather Key System Information

Recently, a Midwestern entity retained Wachs Water Services to GPS the assets of several utilities under their management. The success of the project highlights the importance of implementing a GPS program, not only to determine asset location, but also as a method of gathering key system information.

Project Overview
Our client sought the services of Wachs Water Services as a first phase in their efforts to have a centralized, up-to-date GIS database. Their original database was fraught with errors and inconsistencies.

Our team was responsible for collecting GPS locations for over 32,000 assets spanning three utilities. The combination of our streamlined processes, advanced tools, expert team, and quality control procedures allowed us to perform the work so well that the client awarded our company additional contracts.


Upon receiving our deliverables, the client immediately integrated the findings into their GIS database which was disseminated to their crews, who, in turn, used the GIS in their field via tablet devices.

Why We Were Chosen
Wachs was chosen due to several key factors:

  • Productivity: Our team was able to work significantly faster than the previous service provider. Furthermore, our crews are on track to meet the program deadlines.
  • Expertise: GPS is complex. Our ability to “speak the same language” along with a review of our rigorous quality control procedures assured the client of our ability to fulfill their requirements.
  • Reputation: We have a strong reputation built on quality work in cities all across the country. Our clients give us excellent references. Contact us for a reference related to your project.

The Wachs Water Services team visited approximately 32,000 assets across three Midwestern utilities. Of these assets, nearly 10 percent had a deficiency, while 14 percent either could not be found or reached. Stated differently, nearly a quarter of the assets were deficient in some manner.

Additionally, approximately 1,400 assets were discovered that utility management was not aware existed. In addition to delivering asset locations, our team provided additional helpful information, including items to be repaired, the locations of several main breaks, leaks, and other information of interest.

“We employ only the best and the brightest,” says Andy Matus, Information Manager at Wachs Water Services. “This is because our jobs require a well-rounded skill set including a strong technical capacity, a deep understanding of GPS/GIS principles, and real-world experience in the water industry.”

Additional Benefits of a GPS Program
After the completion of a Wachs Water Services GPS program, utilities will be able to:

  • Reduce system shut down time: GPSing system assets allows utilities to have an updated GIS, thereby reducing the time required to shut down a system in the event of an emergency or for construction work. Furthermore, an up-to-date GIS allows crews to perform maintenance and repairs more quickly.
  • Identify needed work orders: at the time of asset documentation, crews notate any observed asset deficiencies (e.g. missing valves, hydrant damage, leaks, etc.).
  • Retrieve up-to-date asset information: our program provides the location of every asset, including those that utilities did not know existed.
  • Identify structural damage: a GPS program can identify main breaks, large leaks, and other system deficiencies.
  • Store information in a centralized location: no longer will asset locations be stored on maps, plats, spreadsheets, and in the heads of long-time employees. A GPS program compiles all information into one centralized GIS.

To learn more about our GPS program call us at 800-525-5821;

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