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The Operability of Critical Valves is Essential to Control a Water System and Ensure System Reliability

Critical valves control vital water transmission lines – the backbone of any water system.  Operable critical valves reduce the consequences when large diameter pipeline failures occur.

Some of the challenges of maintaining the reliability of critical valves are:

  • Critical valve gearing and operating nuts are typically located in vaults and exposed to the elements for long periods of time
  • Critical valves frequently degrade faster than the water main due to lack of routine maintenance.
  • Critical valves are expensive to replace


Wachs Water Services has assessed, operated and tested well over 20,000 valves 16” and larger; of which more than 12,000 were 30” and larger.  We have the experience and expertise to eliminate the challenges of maintaining the reliability of the critical valves in any size water system.

CLICK HERE to learn more about achieving optimal control of the critical valves in your water system.

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