Valve Locating Services

Physically locate, assess, identify and map valves operating in water distribution systems.


Know Where Your Valves Are

In the event of a water main break, knowing the exact location of system valves saves operators time and lowers the overall consequence of failure.

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Spend less time searching for valves

In a typical valve system sweep, field technicians accurately locate valve positions using handheld GPS units, record information about valve location, characteristics, and current operational position and status in a GIS database/CMMS work order system.

Detailed client reports are delivered in ESRI-compliant databases, or formats compatible with any other GIS or CMMS software platform.

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A proactive valve location program is part of a utility’s commitment to deliver cost-effective service to its customers.

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Asset Inventory Services

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The Far-Reaching Benefits of a Valve Usability Program

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